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About Us

Dear Parents,

Thank you for inquiring about my Driver Education program. My program concentrates on beginning driver under the age of 18. This is a private driving school which offers small classes and one on one behind the wheel instructions. My program offers a more comprehensive program than is available in the public schools. My curriculum, follows all requirements established by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and NC Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Class consist of 30 hours - students can not miss any of these hours - must complete all 30 hours, pass a final exam before we can schedule them to drive.

Behind the Wheel consist of 6 hours - instructor will contact you to set up the driving.

Your student will receive group classroom instruction and one on one behind-the-wheel driving instruction. When available, I have guest speakers from our local Law Enforcement agencies to come in and talk with the students. I offer the choice of when a teenager takes driver’s training. I have classes for students that are involved in athletics, band and other activities.

Please check out the other tabs on my website for further information on class dates and cost. Please call or email me should you have any questions concerning my program.

Defensive Driving is also a part of the course that I STRESS very heavily: "Driving to prevent accidents in spite of the incorrect actions of others". I do ask parents to understand that with only six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction a beginner cannot become a polished driver. That is the mission of the parent. All I will have time to teach is basic car control. I do, however, provide the education and problem solving skills necessary for your child to become a safe and prudent driver.

We now have a "Electric Vehicle Charging Station" at the Driving School

Marvin Smith Driving School
130 East North Street,
P O Box 853,
Albemarle, NC 28002
Call: 704-982-6143