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Office Hours Information:  Our office is not open each day.  The only days we are in the office is when we have classes going or have registration appointments.  Please call and we can schedule an appointment to meet you.

Class Schedule...

All Classes are Seated Classes... 

Students must be 14 1/2 on the first day of class. Please make sure your child is in compliance with this.

Our Class Schedules are based on the Stanly County School Calendar 

Please look at the dates of each class to make sure they fit your students schedule

A registration form is "required" to hold a seat in a class. This is found on the Home Page.

We only accept Cash, Check or Money Orders - No Debit or Credit Cards.

We do not offer classes or driving for adults - 18 yrs old or older.

Cost: $440.00 for classes and driving  - 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours behind the wheel 

CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION ONLY-  $250.00 cash, check or money order

2024 Classes -   Classes listed below have seats available in them.  These are the only ones available at this time. 

We must have a registration form to hold a seat in the class. 

Please look at the dates of each class to make sure your child's school schedule works for these classes.

Aug 3,5,6,7,10                                       8 am - 2 pm

Sept. 7,14,21,28, Oct 5                         8 am - 2 pm

Oct.10,11,12,19,26                               8 am - 2 pm

Nov. 2,5,9,11,16                                    8 am - 2 pm

Dec. 7,14,21,23,28                                8 am- 2 pm

Dec 30,31, Jan 2,3,4,2025                    8 am - 2 pm

BEHIND THE WHEEL INFORMATION: ALL Students will be picked up and dropped off at the Driving School location in Albemarle.

Therefore, you will need to make arrangements to meet our instructors at our office for all the Behind the Wheel instruction. 

Behind The Wheel Instruction Only for students needing the 6 hours of driving

Pricing for Behind the Wheel is $345.00 

All students must have completed 30 hours of classroom instruction and passed a final exam.  We can provide the required 6 hours of driving needed.

Students will be picked up and dropped off at our office in Albemarle

On the Home Page - click on the REGISTRATION FORM  Sign  - print out the form and send it to us: "write "Drive Only" on the form".

Once I received the Registration Form, I will forward you additional forms and payment information that needs to be completed in order to obtain verification from the driving school where the student took the classroom portion. 

After all forms and payments are received and verified, then we can schedule the Behind the Wheel

Marvin Smith Driving School
130 East North St
P.O. Box 853
Albemarle, North Carolina 2802
Call: 704-982-6143